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An Asia Society effort – advised by several Chinese Communist Party-linked individuals – has partnered with schools across the U.S. to shape curricula and teaching faculty to become consistent with a “social justice” approach to education that encourages “teaching activism” in favor of left-wing causes such as “equity,” “globalism,” and “unraveling systemic racism.” Based in the U.S., the Asia Society describes its mission as “preparing Asians and Americans for a shared future” and is favored by current and former high-level Chinese Communist Party officials. The group’s Center For Global Education outlines its mission as “transforming education to build a more just and equal society” and partners with schools and school districts throughout the U.S. to do so. The center is expected to reach 4,000,000 students and 100,000 educators through various partnerships including dictating curricula and establishing schools alongside the Department of Education in states such as Ohio and Colorado. The United Nations and Chinese Communist Party-backed effort has led to the adoption of “social justice” teaching methods, as outlined in a 2018 curricula guide published by the Asia Society.

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