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Acknowledging that ‘zero-covid’ is an absurd idea, Kenney and the Alberta government are setting an example that other governments should follow. During this past year and a half, we have been subjected to gaslighting on an unprecedented scale. The goalposts shifted again and again and again, and when we pointed out the goalposts were shifting we were called ‘conspiracy-theorists,’ and many were even banned from social media for saying things that are now considered common-sense. Consider how the narrative has gone: “The virus is low risk.” “Border controls are racist.” “The virus will be easily contained.” “Border controls will save lives.” “Two weeks to slow the spread.” “Herd immunity means a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated people in the population, plus those who have recovered from COVID.” “We’re all in this together” (while politicians kept getting their full taxpayer-funded salaries while businesses were shut down). “We will protect the most vulnerable” (while locking down everyone even as COVID surged through seniors care homes). “Children are at very low risk.”

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