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Laurel Hubbard will compete in the Tokyo Olympic Games on Monday. Hubbard represents New Zealand in the Women’s +87kg. Hubbard, who is biologically male, identifies as transgender, and uses female pronouns, has caused international stir with her participation in women’s weightlifting. The International Olympic Committee believes Hubbard is a woman, New Zealand believes Hubbard is a woman. The upcoming competition, shown in the US on Monday, August 2, at 6:50 am eastern, will likely be watched by many seeking confirmation of their perspective that either trans women should compete in women’s events, or that they shouldn’t. Articles have been popping up to discuss Hubbard’s participation in women’s sports since she won gold in the 2019 Pacific Games in the Women’s +87kg, beating out two much younger, female competitors. Hubbard transitioned late in life, in her 30s, and is now one of the oldest Olympians competing. While many have rallied to Hubbard’s defense, saying that “trans women are women,” there are just as many who have said that it is not fair for a biological male, with all that biology entails, to compete athletically against women.

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