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A Virginia county is about to lock horns with the state government of the Old Dominion. According to the Washington Examiner, the August County Board of Education decided against adopting policies required by the state involving how transgender-identifying students are treated. The controversial state mandates have led to confrontations between parents and various school board officials; in one case, a Loudoun County teacher was suspended after he spoke out against a proposed transgender policy at a meeting of the local school board. However, the Augusta County school board’s rejection of the state’s transgender framework could set up a showdown with the Democrat-controlled government in Richmond. According to WVIR-TV in Charlottesville, the board voted unanimously not to adopt the state’s policies during a meeting Thursday that drew a crowd of about 500 to Wilson Memorial High School in Fishersville. Most of those in attendance were opposed to the policy prescriptions of the Virginia Department of Education. Resistance from parents and teachers is one thing, but resistance from a school board is quite another.

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