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This is the time Canada has awaited for 350 years: the United States has momentarily subsided into a state of juvenilism and self-flagellation. Instead of wallowing in our own tears every time unmarked graves are discovered and prancing around gas-lighting and virtue-signalling over nebulous questions of climate change, and claiming to be a post-national state, we should take advantage of the first time in our history when we are not preoccupied with the Americans. We should resume the upward rise of Canada in the world, not out of any spite for the U.S., but to fulfill our long-perceived destiny and serve the common interests of the West. As anyone who knows anything about the history of Canada is aware (and too few Canadians are), apart from settling and building Canada, the great struggle of this country has been to maintain its independence from the Americans, and more recently to have any serious raison d’etre independent of the U.S. That is not because of hostility to the U.S., or because being a part of the United States would be a pitiable fate.

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