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San Francisco’s broad daylight retail heists have shocked the nation in their brazenness. They’ve triggered the closings of stores, such as Walgreens, and the shortening of hours from retail giants such as Target. Forty-four percent of the city is planning to move out, with 80% citing out-of-control crime. But the shoplifters have got a defender, too — in San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin. So do the drug dealers. The only problems that Chesa sees are the victims. This tells us a lot about the state of moral bankruptcy of the wokester movement, and what the New Yorker dismisses as the “backlash.” According to the Daily Mail, citing an interview in the New Yorker, after a viral video surfaced in June of a thief stuffing oodles of goods from a Walgreens into a trash bag and then riding his bike through the store unencumbered on the way out. Boudin said, “If Walgreens has insurance for certain goods or they expect a certain amount of loss, if they would rather not risk lawsuits or escalation to violence—then maybe that’s something we should know about.” Well, gee, if they had insurance then, of course, it’s all right, right, Ches?

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