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The Biden administration is suing Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for having the nerve to get in the way of its plans to truck illegal immigrants anywhere the government pleases. “In our constitutional system, a State has no right to regulate the federal government’s operations,” the Department of Justice wrote in a motion seeking to undo an executive order Abbott issued on Wednesday, according to The Texas Tribune. Abbott’s order allowed Texas state police to pull over vehicles suspected of carrying coronavirus-positive illegal immigrants. On Thursday, Attorney General Merrick Garland rebuked Abbott for having the audacity to issue such an order and said it needed to be rescinded, according to the Tribune. A day later, the Department of Justice’s lawsuit was filed, claiming “this restriction on the transportation of noncitizens would severely disrupt federal immigration operations.” However, Abbott reminded the federal government in a letter to Garland that Texans generally retreat no further than the air at their backs. Abbott said he is accountable to the people of Texas, not federal bureaucrats eroding his state’s safety.

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