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Many people reading this have heard about VPNs, and perhaps understand what they are and how they work by now. If not, to explain quickly, VPNs hide your identity online and your physical location; they make it look like you are logging into the internet from somewhere else on the planet. And yes, you, the reader, absolutely need a good VPN. In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to state that, with every day that passes, the need for a VPN grows more and more. Let’s look at exactly why a VPN is so important nowadays, and what it can do for you: Big tech behemoths and unscrupulous branches of the government want to know everything about you, and they’ve been trying hard over the past quarter-century or so to do just that. Of course, even five years ago, this was much less sophisticated. But things have really been ramping up these days. When you use a VPN, however, this lets you fight back, and fight back hard. A VPN makes it very difficult, in many cases close to impossible, for third parties to know anything about you by snooping around. They will get fooled into thinking you are in a different physical location, for starters.

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