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The federal government is proposing the creation of new powers to block online platforms that repeatedly refuse to take down harmful content, and is looking at new ways for CSIS and RCMP to play a role it comes to combating online threats to national security and child exploitation content. In launching a new proposal for how to tackle harmful online content, Canada’s justice, public safety, and heritage ministers announced Thursday that they want to bring in new laws and regulations to force social media companies to be more accountable for five kinds of harmful content on their platforms: hate speech, child exploitation, the sharing of non-consensual images, incitements to violence, and terrorism. And, they’re looking at what role federal security and intelligence agencies could play in enforcing these new rules, as well as the potential to completely block access within Canada to platforms that fail to act on content on their services that is deemed harmful. Departmental officials outlined the proposal and issued a technical discussion paper detailing their legislative aims on Thursday.

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