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Among the many weeping people paraded before the House on Tuesday to testify about how deeply traumatizing it was for conservatives, rather than the usual left-wing activists, to protest at the Capitol, was one Harry Dunn, a giant of a man who claimed that he was intensely traumatized by the fact that protesters called him the “N” word. The horror of it all! Except there’s reason to believe that Dunn may have been lying. There’s no footage of this alleged racial outrage. Additionally, it turns out that Dunn is a BLM activist, a Trump-hater, and a supporter of political violence — his political violence, not your free speech or protest. Leftists were incredibly affected by Officer Dunn’s testimony. As far as they were concerned, he proved that not only were the people at the Capitol on January 6 (who killed no one, looted nothing, and set no fires) the worst mob ever in the history of America, but they were racist. Before that horrible day, he said, “No one had ever, ever called me n—– while wearing the uniform of a Capitol Police officer.”

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