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Endless taxpayer funding has ‘liberated’ CBC from having to actually respond to what people want, and instead push the state-mandated narrative that is deeply unpopular. In Communist States, propaganda organs of the Party were widely unpopular, and the butt of many jokes. People knew they were being lied to, and the propaganda outlets knew the people knew they were lying. But of course, in those states there was no competition in the media. Everything was controlled by the state, and alternative opinions weren’t allowed. So, people had the choice of consuming the garbage state-media, or consuming nothing at all. And the state would pour endless money into the propaganda outlets, since it was their best way to tell people what the ‘accepted narrative’ was, even if the narrative was total BS and everyone knew it. But, what happens when you have a combination of endless government funding for state propaganda in a country where some semblance of media competition still remains? And that brings us to the CBC. True North notes how “CBC engages with very few Canadians,” as only 0.8% of people in the country watch the evening CBC news program, and just 4% regularly watch CBC television.

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