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The Department of Justice sent states a warning on Wednesday about their federal obligations when conducting post-election audits and changing election laws. The memo addressing post-election “audits” addressed concerns about the safeguarding of election records and the possibility of intimidating voters, CNN reported. “The U.S. Department of Justice is committed to ensuring full compliance with all federal laws regarding elections,” the memo read. “This includes those provisions of federal law that govern the retention and preservation of election records or that prohibit intimidation of, or interference with, any person’s right to vote or to serve as an election official.” In particular, the memo addressed the Arizona auditors’ reported initial plan to contact voters and ask how they cast their ballots. “This sort of activity raises concerns regarding potential intimidation of voters,” the document read. “Jurisdictions that authorize or conduct audits must ensure that the way those reviews are conducted has neither the purpose nor the effect of dissuading qualified citizens from participating in the electoral process.”

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