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Even during the Olympics there will be obnoxious people. The 2018 Winter Olympics saw the press be extra cozy towards North Korea, specifically Kim Jong-un’s sister. This is a gruesome twosome, folks. you all know that. They’re murderous siblings, but Trump — at the time — was soft on autocrats or something. Now, as the Summer Olympics in Tokyo is underway, ESPN writer William Rhoden said he was triggered by the sight of the American flags at the event. Why? Well, it brought up the January 6 riot. I’m not kidding. That’s where the mind ventured here? Talk about finding a way to be miserable. Literally, no one cares about that at the Olympics — no one. Only the most left-wing and Trump-deranged fool would ever connect the two, but here we are (via Fox News): An ESPN sportswriter said Monday he couldn’t enjoy the opening ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics because the presence of the American flag reminded him of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and the “rise of white nationalism.”

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