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Justin Trudeau skirted around questions about when Canadians can expect to be equipped with formal proof of their COVID-19 vaccine status for travel abroad but vowed that the system will be both “simple and efficient.” Speaking to reporters in Charlottetown, P.E.I., Trudeau said Ottawa will be responsible for a documentation framework for international travel specifically but that it’s up to provinces to come up with a plan domestically. “The federal government will be involved in the international level of certification, so we have a role to play to make sure that the credentials that Canadians have are going to be able to be accepted around the world but there are lots of active conversations with the provinces on what exact form that will take,” he said. The government is facing mounting pressure to develop a national system as other countries move quick to establish their own. Trudeau wouldn’t say whether one would be developed before the end of the year, only that “the conversations are active and ongoing.”

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