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I got an email from my congressperson’s office today. It was a cute, chatty missive to constituents, boasting about said congressperson’s work helping Britney Spears and others in conservatorships, telling people to get vaccines, and then talking about getting peaches from some agricultural group, and other banal and meaningless stuff. I snapped. I had spent my day reading about the January 6 political prisoners and leftist vaccine hysteria coupled with leftist support for an open border, and I just had it. I’ll share with you what I wrote, but the important point is that more of us conservatives need to snap as I did: no threats (of course), but letting our politicians and corporations know what matters to us. I don’t know much about game theory, but I do know this: if you’re playing nice, and your opponent starts playing mean (violence, cheating, etc.), you cannot continue to be nice, because you will lose, and lose badly. The only thing to do is to mirror those tactics and, because you’re better and smarter, escalate them to victory, at which point you can give your opponent the option to return to civility or to continue in a feral environment in which you will beat him.

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