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The predatory, tyrannical Left typically seeks to establish its moral authority by portraying its quest for power as a defense of disadvantaged constituencies. Unfortunately for the leftist, the constituencies they claim to defend often include members who resist and disavow the Left’s claim to represent them, thus deflating the Left’s irrationally aggrandized sense of political entitlement. Like any intolerant bigot, the moralizing leftist demands unstinting loyalty and uncompromised obedience from those he or she claims to represent, and when this is not forthcoming, ugliness ensues. As is well known, Marx exhorted the workers of the world to unite. They never did. Taken as a theoretical abstraction, the world’s workers were supposed to act as a single mass constituency marching behind the Left, but the actual workers proved to be more complex than Marx had allowed. They exhibited diverse interests and aspirations such that no single political movement could wholly capture or adequately represent them. This both explains and justifies the emergence of diverse political parties, but such diversity is anathema to the Left.

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