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After a fourth-grade Minnesota girl told her school board that her teacher asked her to hide the fact that she was forced to take an “equity survey,” from her mother, her mother went on national TV to blast organizations that impose their “equity” agenda on children, firing, “‘Equity’ is the mask that Critical Race Theory hides behind.” The school district had hired the left-wing Equity Alliance Minnesota (EAM) to conduct an $80,000 audit on “racial inequities” within the school district, Alpha News reported, adding, “Students were required to complete a survey for the audit.” Referring to the agenda of organizations such as Equity Alliance of Minnesota and others like them, Kelsey Yasgar stated, “It is 100% causing division among races in schools and amongst children. Children do not see color. They are taught to see color, and when you bring Equity Alliance of Minnesota into our school district, ‘equity’ is the mask that Critical Race Theory hides behind, and we are not okay with hose types of ideologies being taught to our children at school. Politics do not belong in our schools. They’re there to be educated.”

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