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While Democrats continue to claim that Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other so-called anti-racist measures are only opposed by right-wing pundits who purposefully mischaracterize them, Democrat-leaning and moderate parents who voted for President Joe Biden also say they disapprove of what their children are being taught. Politico spoke to parents, school board members, political operatives, and activists in Northern Virginia, Palm Beach County in Florida, Westchester County in New York, suburban Detroit, and Maricopa County in Arizona, all of which are left-learning. In addition, the outlet spoke with suburban parents in five states where Biden won the 2020 election and one state where former President Donald Trump won. The outlet found that even though national Democrats and proponents of CRT and what they claim are simple diversity and equity measures claim any fears about the policies are because of “right wing conspiracy theorists,” suburban voters feel differently. That’s because they’re actually paying attention to what’s being taught in public schools. Polls also support the notion that national Democrats are on the wrong side of the issue.

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