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Ontario College of Trades says update underway, could be finalized by end of 2021. Deanne Simms remembers walking into a salon as a teen and being met by a woman who was frantically running toward her from a back room, waving her hands in the air, yelling, “No, no, no; we don’t do your hair here!” Years later, after she had her first child, a stylist at a different salon told her it takes generations to get rid of her hair’s texture and it’s a big “problem to solve.” As a biracial woman, Simms says her hair is important to her and tied to her identity. Throughout the years, she’s gotten used to hearing comments about her hair or people touching it without asking. “Communications around this seem to implicitly drive the narrative that there’s something wrong with my hair, as opposed to a lack of skill or resources or ability to appropriately care for my hair,” said Simms, referring to her experience with some stylists.

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