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Democrats definitely do believe that there is such a thing as crime, but their definition of crime is distinctly different from traditional notions regarding the same. Ergo, here is a primer on Crime 2.0, compliments of today’s new Democrats: Crime: denying the existence of man-caused climate change. Not a crime: denying the existence of truth, morality, a higher power, or anything else that could in any way constrain one’s behavior… or limit elite Democrats’ power. Crime: marginalizing and shaming drug-addled homeless persons by encouraging them to get sober and get a job. Not a crime: stealing a $900 big-screen television from a Target store in San Francisco. Crime: selling cigarettes to an underaged person. Not a crime: encouraging an underaged person to get an abortion or “change his sex” by way of hormone treatments and/or body mutilation. Crime: walking unarmed through the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. after Capitol police officers opened the door for you. Not a crime: burning down and looting numerous businesses in any large city in America.

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