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The majority of Canadians see China as the biggest threat, at 58%. This was followed by Russia at 18%, North Korea at 10%, and Syria at 4%. “Respondents were asked whether they were more concerned about espionage against classified government information or about economic espionage against Canadian companies,” the report stated. “Results reveal somewhat mixed views. Fifty percent feel espionage against Canadian companies is more of a concern.” Canada and Canadians have been perceived by Chinese officials of not respecting China and undermining relations between the two. The survey was made up of 1,204 participants nationwide and was conducted by phone. Recently, Chinese ambassador to Canada Cong Peiwu sat down for an interview with the pro-Beijing publication Ottawa Life Magazine where he accused Canada of undermining relations between the two countries and demanded that Canadians have more respect for China. “The process of mutual respect was broken by Canada,” said ambassador Cong Peiwu, according to Blacklock’s Reporter. “Mutual respect means we respect systems here and the choices of Canadians here, but Canadians do not respect the Chinese system. This does not work well.”

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