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Corporate media and Big Tech colluded with the Democratic Party to gaslight the country into electing Joe Biden as a return to normalcy. Six months in, the country is getting that normalcy, and they’re getting it good and hard — but without any of the Barack Obama packaging of “hope” that sold it in the first place. According to the latest Gallup poll, America has already tired of the Biden agenda. His approval rating among his own party has slipped by near double-digits, and among Independents, he has fallen from 61 percent to 48 percent. This marks a slide the White House is unlikely to reverse, given that voters now understand the truth: Biden is merely the figurehead of a leftist agenda out of touch with the priorities of Americans. The percent of Americans optimistic about where the nation is heading has dropped 20 points just since spring — to 45 percent from 64 percent, an ABC News/Ipsos poll found. Now 55 percent are pessimistic. Much of this decline is about a lack of confidence in the president himself. The media did their best to shield Biden from even marginally tough questions before he was elected.

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