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Many politicians are glad to make use of the power that a stunning number of Canadians are willingly giving away. An unmistakable trend during this past year and a half has been politicians and government officials taking every opportunity to expand their own power. Some have done so with visible reluctance, while others have clearly reveled in the ‘opportunity’ (as Justin Trudeau put it), to expand the power of government in a way that will last beyond the current crisis. Indeed, as I recently discussed, Canada’s ambassador to the UN Bob Rae is even talking about a “new era of pandemics,” clearly unwilling to let go of the fear-based pandemic mindset: As we enter a new age of pandemics, the global community, governments, institutions and individuals need to embrace solidarity as a key social value. It would be one thing if it was just politicians being power-hungry, which is something we’ve come to expect. Unfortunately, power-grabbing politicians have often been cheered on by members of the public, as we’ve seen with people who seem gleeful at watching small business owners get arrested and celebrated the arrest of individuals seeking to gather and worship.

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