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The ancient Greeks, whose admonitions seem evergreen, warned us that excess pride and ambition would lead those guilty of it to ruin. I think that is true of Anthony Fauci. First, a confession. I thought little of his handling years ago of the AIDS disease and even less of him as he flip-flopped through so many adoring media interviews on COVID-19. (So many, indeed, that one wonders if he ever had time to read the research on COVID-19, its spread, and its treatments). Moreover, twice now my family members have made plans to travel far to spend some time with my 102-year-old mother — now rapidly failing in an intensive care facility — only to have those plans dashed. The first cancellation was caused by a COVID-19 quarantine in Hawaii where they live. This week it’s because my mother had come into contact with someone who may have contracted COVID. Naturally, I’m really angry at anyone who helped create and disseminate the virus and cover up its origins. The government’s COVID relief programs have cost $5.2 trillion, more than World War II, which cost $4.7 trillion. Those mountains of money will cause inflation, raise interest rates and reduce in stock prices.

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