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While most court cases involving regulatory legislation fly under the radar, the just-completed careless boating trial in Parry Sound, Ont., was always destined to attract attention. A rich, reality TV star who once had prime ministerial ambitions and his wife were involved in a fatal nighttime crash on an Ontario lake dotted with multimillion-dollar cottages and boathouses larger than many homes. On Thursday, both sides laid out their positions as to why Linda O’Leary, wife of Toronto businessman Kevin O’Leary, is or is not guilty of operating the family ski boat carelessly. It is a non-criminal, Canada Shipping Act charge and she could be subject to a fine up to $10,000. The backdrop of the case is the kind of setting that draws curious onlookers to cruise Muskoka waterways just to “see how the other side of the world lives,” federal prosecutor Samir Adam observed earlier this week. On Thursday, he told judge Richard Humphrey the Crown had made out its case in part due to the “confession” of Kevin O’Leary, who testified remotely a day earlier from Los Angeles where he is shooting the 13th season of the TV show “Shark Tank.”

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