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At the beginning of June, we brought news to you about the 3,166% increase in the number of sex offenders caught on America’s southern border. Keep in mind that the more than three-thousand percent increase represented just those illegal aliens the border patrol was able to catch as hundreds of thousands of people from around the world have been pouring into America since Biden blatantly broke American law and opened the border. North Carolina is one of the states that posts people’s immigration status as part of reporting arrests, and July has been another impressive month. As I noted above, the border patrol can’t apprehend all (or even most) of the illegal aliens flooding into America. Look at this dashboard footage of what happened when a border patrol officer was able to stop an SUV filled with illegal aliens. The border patrol caught the vehicle, but illegal aliens — mostly young men — ran out like clowns from a little clown car at the circus: NEW: Wild dash cam footage from Texas DPS shows a trooper in a recent pursuit of a human smuggler here in Del Rio. The smuggler bails, and at least a dozen illegal immigrants spill out and flee. Trooper focused on driver & caught him.

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