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In measured,professorial speech — a far cry from Trump’s subliterate yawps — Paul, who has boasted that he likes spreading misinformation, was disseminating the kind of lies that get people killed. He took on Fauci with bothsides-ism, pretending there’s a world of public-health experts who disagree with Fauci’s warning against recklessly reopening the economy. This just isn’t true. No public-health conflict exists. That hasn’t, of course, stopped Trump from siding with Paul, or is it vice versa? On Wednesday evening, Trump condemned as “not acceptable” Fauci’s recommendation that schools pay attention to epidemiological data if they’re determined to open in the fall. Paul, in the Senate chambers for the hearing, was ostentatiously unmasked. He tested positive for COVID-19 in March and now claims — absent conclusive evidence — that he’s immune to it. (Flashback:While Paul was waiting for coronavirus test results, he not only didn’t self-isolate, he persisted in going to the Senate gym, swimming in its pool and dining daily with colleagues. Like right-wing types around the world, Paul praised Sweden’s approach to the pandemic, which he misrepresented as both laissez-faire and entirely effective.

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