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Opposition leader Noel Vidaurre became the seventh potential candidate to be arrested by President Daniel Ortega’s government ahead of Nicaragua’s November 7 election. Police in Nicaragua placed another presidential contender under house arrest on Saturday, virtually clearing the way for President Daniel Ortega ahead of the November 7 elections. Opposition leader Noel Vidaurre was accused of “undermining the sovereignty” of Nicaragua. One of the potential presidential candidates of the Citizens for Liberty alliance, Vidaurre became the seventh potential rival to be arrested in a crackdown that began on June 2. Since then, Ortega’s government has conducted a number of raids and overnight arrests to round up political rivals on charges of threatening the country’s “sovereignty.” Nearly two dozen journalists and opposition activists have also been detained. Political commentator Jaime Arellano was also put under house arrest on Saturday in relation to a commentary he wrote criticizing a speech by Ortega.

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