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I get the feeling President Joe Biden is just as tired of these interminable CNN presidential town halls as I am. After Wednesday night’s performance, you wonder why he keeps on having them. There were any number of genuinely outré moments from the event, which featured Biden and CNN host Don Lemon on stage at Mount St. Joseph University in Delhi Township, Ohio. Only one of them was there mentally as well as corporeally, however. This manifested itself most acutely when Lemon asked the president how he would fix “mistrust in the system,” particularly as it pertained to vaccine hesitancy. According to a transcript from the Cincinnati Enquirer, the CNN host lamented that “even within my own family, here I am on television every night, there is ambivalence, there’s misinformation.” How would the president convince the hapless folks whose relatives don’t have an hour to while away on cable TV every night? Biden began by saying that, first off, “we’ve got to restore faith in government. You’ve got to get people to the point where they trust government.” This was reasonable stuff, even if he called Don Lemon “one of the most informed journalists in the country.”

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