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Donald Trump raised an eye-watering $75m in his bid to challenge the 2020 presidential election result — however he hasn’t actually put any of the money towards this, according to a new report. Considering the former president hasn’t shut up about the election being “stolen,” and continues to push this false narrative, you would think he would be doing everything possible to prove his unfounded claim… but no. Rather than finance any of the attempts by Republicans to conduct ballot reviews in Arizona or elsewhere, the Save America PAC has instead spent the large sum on staff salaries and travel and legal expenses for the former president, the Washington Post reported. Both Trump and the PAC have focused on the 2020 election within their fundraising emails, so it is quite odd that not a dime has been spent in that area. The Save America has until July 31 to publicly disclose its fundraising and spending for the first half of the year.

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