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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lost his credibility as a self-proclaimed “feminist” long ago, but this week he stooped to a new low. In an interview with Global News’ Farah Nasser, he was downright offensive on the subject of the military’s sexual misconduct crisis. Astonishingly, when asked if he’s angry he didn’t know about a 2018 allegation of inappropriate behaviour against former chief of defence staff Gen. Jonathan Vance, he said, “No.” There’s really no way to sugarcoat this: Our prime minister is very probably lying to the public in order to cover up a cover up of a #MeToo complaint. That he, or at least his office, didn’t know the allegation against Vance was a sexual misconduct complaint simply beggars belief. If he’s not angry, there are only three credible explanations as to why not. One: The entire question is based on a false premise. He’s not angry because he knew all along. Two: His staff didn’t tell him in order to shield him and he’s not angry because he prioritizes protecting himself and his seat of power at all costs. Three: He’s not angry because he lacks empathy and really doesn’t give a flying fig about women.

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