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And here I thought things were bad regarding critical race theory in schools in Loudoun County, Virginia. I mean, they still are, with citizens getting arrested after the school board in the suburban D.C. county shut down a meeting early because they didn’t like the pushback, or a mother who survived communist China having to lecture the leftists on the board about what oppression really was. I’ll say this much about the crazies from Loudoun County, though: Unlike in neighboring Fairfax County, no major school leaders have been caught on video seeming to wish death upon opponents of critical race theory. Yet, anyway. According to CNN, Michelle Leete — a leader of the Virginia Parent Teacher Association and first vice president of the local chapter of the NAACP — made the remarks at a rally on July 15. Outside a Fairfax County School Board meeting, a rally billed as being “In Support of Student Health and Public Education,” advertised by the Fairfax Democratic Committee, was being held amid a group of community members protesting critical race theory in the classroom. Critical race theory wasn’t on the docket that night, according to CNN.

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