Rex Murphy: Desecration of 48 churches is a national tragedy, yet government seems to care little about Christians


It’s obviously something of a politico-religious week, as the federal government is hosting two summits, on two consecutive days this week, on combating anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. Needless to say, the prime minister will be present at both. I don’t suppose anyone will draw objections to such meetings, or their intention of removing, or at least reducing, discrimination against either of these two religions. What I find rather inexplicable is that while our federal government is rightly attending to acts of discrimination targeting Jewish and Muslim worshippers, there is, as far as can be determined, no scheduled summit dealing with the current wave of destructive hostility directed at Christian worshippers. This is something rather more than puzzling given that in a very concentrated period of about two weeks, Canada has seen a total of 48 incidents perpetrated against Christian churches, ranging from vandalism (paint on church doors, ugly graffiti) to their total destruction by fire. The website True North has put up a map showing the details of each incident. The map is useful, in my judgment, as it offers a concise summary of each incident.

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