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A new report by the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) warns that Canadians are likely to encounter efforts by foreign actors, namely Russia, China and Iran, to influence or interfere with their vote in the next federal election. The CSE believes that an election during the COVID-19 pandemic could increase the threat of foreign interference due to Canadians’ reliance on the internet for day-to-day needs. According to the report, Canada is a potential target because of its active role on the world stage and that foreign actors have the tools, capacity and understanding of Canada’s political landscape to take action in the future “should they have the strategic intent.” “Threat actors may use cyber tools to target Canada’s democratic process to change election outcomes, influence policy-makers’ choice, impact governmental relationships with foreign and domestic partners, and impact Canada’s reputation around the world,” the report said. The CSE report comes in light of anticipation of a snap election in the next month, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other party leaders have already begun campaigning.

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