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The far-left likes to claim something isn’t happening, and then instantly pivot to saying it’s good that it’s happening. By refusing to give in to that gaslighting narrative, common-sense people can demonstrate power and influence. As I regularly talk about, the far-left neo-coms want people to be demoralized. The sense that the neo-communists are ‘unstoppable’ stops people from resisting and pushing back, which is exactly what radicals want. And yet, we continue to see examples of how common-sense people can push back and demonstrate influence. For example, growing pushback has convinced many Canadian Premiers to oppose vaccine passports, and the fact that there is pushback has demonstrated that freedom still retains importance: “In much of the world, there is no real ‘fight’ or ‘debate’ over rights and freedoms, governments simply take them away without any question. Many of the elites likely thought that was going to happen in the West, but they are now finally being challenged by a growing number of people who are emerging from a fear-based mindset and realizing how far our ‘leaders’ have gone in trying to centralize power and control.”

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