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Only 26 per cent of Canadians support the prospect of a federal election in the fall, according to a new poll. The latest survey from Nanos Research, commissioned by CTV News, found that 37 per cent of Canadians were upset at the thought of a fall election, 34 per cent were unsure about it, and 26 per cent were happy at the thought of an election in the coming months. While an election is yet to be officially called, speculation is mounting it could happen in the coming weeks, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has toured the country for various funding announcements. During a housing announcement in Hamilton, Ont., on Tuesday, Trudeau was asked about when voters might head to the polls. He dodged the question, indicating that funding announcements were a way of getting out and meeting Canadians. “We’re announcing a lot this summer because over the last year and a half, we all spent a lot of time on Zoom and it’s nice to be here in person to talk about the work that we’ve done over the past year,” he told reporters.

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