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Republican Texas State Rep. Steve Toth has introduced a bill calling for a forensic audit of his state’s 2020 election results. “We need a forensic audit to uncover all the voter fraud,” Toth said, according to a news release. “Prior to the special session, I met with constituents across District 15 in South Montgomery County. The Texas Voter Confidence Act is a product of those meetings and a direct request from the voters who sent me to Austin.” The release noted the audit would include Texas’ 13 biggest counties, which “include both Republican and Democrat strongholds.” By this standard, there would be an audit of Toth’s own race in Montgomery County, where 273,098 of the state’s 11,315,056 ballots were cast in November, according to the Montgomery County Gazette. Audits have become an unorthodox phenomenon of the American election process following the 2020 election, with the concept being popularized by the highly scrutinized audit in Maricopa County, Arizona. Former President Donald Trump narrowly won the state of Texas with 52.1 percent of the vote, The Texas Tribune reported.

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