COVID-infected international flights on the rise


The number of planes landing at Canada’s airports with COVID-19 infected passengers is on the rise. Health Canada reported that as of July 20, 161 flights landed carrying passengers who tested positive for COVID-19 so far this month. That’s compared to 111 recorded during the first 20 days of June, and 78 from May 1-20. Travellers flying into Canada — currently only open to citizens, permanent residents and those whose travel is deemed essential — must present a recent negative COVID-19 test before being allowed to board their flight. Health Canada doesn’t make public the number of infected passengers on each flight, providing only a range within two or three rows of where infected passengers supposedly sat. Of the four Canadian airports permitted to accept international flights, Toronto currently sits at 74 as of July 20, followed by Montreal with 46, and 20 each from Vancouver and Calgary.

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