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“A truth doesn’t mind being questioned. A lie doesn’t like being challenged.” That above quote can be applied to many things, but particularly to how governments treat speech. In truly free and democratic countries, governments seek to defend freedom of speech, because they know that free speech makes societies more creative, more innovative, and makes it easier for citizens to hold the government to account. And truly great leaders want to be accountable, and want to empower the people, rather than simply having power over them. By contrast, authoritarian states — whether Communist or Fascist — seek to destroy freedom of speech. They build their power on lies and deception, and thus fear the public, because the public would turn against them if they knew the truth. As a result, Communist & Fascist states suppress speech, using the power of government to narrow the bounds of ‘allowed speech,’ using legislation to make more and more speech ‘criminal,’ and attempting to create a climate of fear that keeps people from speaking their minds. Basically, the more a government has to hide, and the more contempt they have for the public, the more they seek to suppress freedom of speech.

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