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Three of the Texas Democratic legislators who fled Texas rather than be present to debate a Republican-sponsored elections integrity bill have tested positive for the coronavirus, leading one Democratic Texas legislator to snark on Twitter about a national mask mandate. Evidently responding to critics who noted that the Democratic lawmakers left Texas on a packed private plane without wearing masks, state Rep. Gene Wu used the actions by his own party to push for a national mandate for indoor masks. “I assume that everyone ‘whistling past the graveyard’ and laughing about Democratic members testing positive have already been fully vaccinated and have no complaints about mandatory masking provisions again,” he wrote. “Thank you for all the comments concerning masking,” Wu wrote. “I’ll forward your request to Congress and the White House to ask that we reinstitute a national masking requirement.” And in yet another, he wrote that he would “personally ask VP Harris and President Biden to institute a nationwide mask mandate for all indoor activities. Thank you. You made this possible,” Democratic Texas state Rep. Gene Wu tweeted.

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