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Between the heat waves and bouts of random summer storms, atmospheric conditions and cloud cover have lent themselves to some awe-inspiring sunrises, sunsets and beautiful skies in general in Toronto this season, and this week has been no exception. As is often the case during any rare weather phenomenon, residents of the city have been taking to social media over the past 24 hours to document what appeared as a rather strange-looking sun that dramatically marked the horizon. Both Sunday evening’s sunset and Monday morning’s sunrise made for quite the view, with the star going from beet-red to fiery orange to glowing pink at points. Unfortunately, as some have been quick to point out, the event is actually a product of smoke drifting in from nearby wildfires that are decimating tens of thousands of hectares of forest. Though a few on social media believed it could be a result of the fires all the way in B.C., The Weather Network has stated that it’s due to the blazes still raging much closer to home, in Northwestern Ontario.

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