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Earlier this week, House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) absurdly claimed that “no Democrat has never been against voter I.D.” It was a head-scratching comment, considering how many times Democrats have claimed Republicans are racist for including voter I.D. requirements in election reform bills, but Clyburn was adamant. “I don’t know why you guys keep misrepresenting what I said,” Clyburn told Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Tuesday. “I have never said that you should not have voter ID. When I got my voter registration cards, I keep them in my wallet. And when I go to vote, I presented that every time. And I said to them, I am Jim Clyburn, this is my ID, and I want to vote. I have always had voter ID. And that’s why the representative earlier who voted… no Democrat has never been against voter ID.” Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler began his column, which ultimately awarded Clyburn four pinocchios (the most one can be awarded for telling a lie), by saying the comments, on their face, seemed “absurd.” And it was.

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