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A frightening report in the New Yorker has just revealed that Donald Trump nearly started a war with Iran after he lost the election — a story the mainstream media mostly missed back then. This site ran at least 4 different warnings at the time. The New Yorker’s source is apparently General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, who seems to be leaking all over the place. Susan B. Glasser reports that after the November 3 election “Milley believed that the nation had come close — ‘very close’ — to conflict with the Islamic Republic.” She writes that Milley’s “running concern” was “the prospect of Trump pushing the nation into a military conflict with Iran.” Glasser, surely relying at least partly on Milley himself, says the general feared Trump would stage a “Reichstag moment.” In February 1933, Adolf Hitler, the newly installed German Chancellor, used a mysterious fire that destroyed the German Reichstag, or Parliament building, as the pretext to crack down.

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