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The issue of transgender ‘rights’ is hot right now because more people are beginning to understand that they are waging a rights war on women and girls. Recently, at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles, a man escorted by two self-professed lesbian activists paraded his intact male genitalia around in the area of the spa supposedly reserved for the female clientele (including very young girls). California Civil Code 51(b) is being interpreted as meaning that male indecent exposure is now legally acceptable. Which means that adult males can parade around exposed in full view of young girls and claim this is a transgender ‘right.’ Surely a man identifying as a woman should also identify with the vulnerability of women and young girls to sexual abuse, and thus be seeking to protect women and young girls from the unwanted display of male genitalia, which is — in cultural terms — often taken to be a symbol of male potency and power? Apparently not, it seems. As is shown by the Wi Spa incident, men exhibitionism to young children in public is undeniably a part of the LGBTQ+ political agenda.

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