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Congresswoman Cori Bush recently tweeted that July Fourth is a holiday celebrating White people’s freedom only. Her tweet is part of the radical left’s effort to take over America. It ignores that, while America struggled with slavery in its founding, it endured a horrific Civil War to end it and experienced a robust Civil Rights Movement to realize the Declaration of Independence’s promises. We are faced now with a choice between the vision of Karl Marx or that of the Declaration of Independence, Abraham Lincoln, and Walt Disney. Bush, a former BLM activist, has revolutionary intentions. Any fool knows that what she said is hogwash. She is merely providing a smokescreen for Antifa’s and BLM’s rioting and violence. Their blatant goal is to use violent revolution to overthrow the American government and install a communist dictatorship. She is not alone. After the New York Times unsuccessfully attempted to remove President Trump from office through the Russian collusion hoax, it shifted strategy to foment the charge that Trump is a racist.

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