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A public interest law firm claimed that a Wisconsin school district is violating state law by providing students with “sexually explicit” books, including one that teaches students how to use “sex apps.” Daniel Lennington, deputy counsel for the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL), sent a letter to Elmbrook School District’s superintendent claiming that the district does not have the right to disseminate “sexually explicit” content to minors. The letter was written following a Daily Wire report that uncovered Elmbrook School District’s school-provided computers offered inappropriate sex content to students as young as eight years old. “State law has long recognized that parents have a right — and often a duty — to supervise what their minor children are exposed to,” Lennington wrote in a July 13 letter. “So, while material may be protected by the First Amendment, that does not mean that children have a right to see it or that a school district has a right to disseminate it.” “School districts have an obligation to know if their library collections feature sexually explicit material available to young children,” Lennington said in a press release.

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