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Texas Democratic legislators staged a political stunt to stall passing election integrity bills on Monday, but the attempt to impede the democratic process is all the more pathetic when you look at what’s in the legislation. The Democrats, mask-less, left the Lone Star State by plane and went where swamp creatures belong — to Washington, D.C. In fleeing, the state Democrats denied the majority GOP a quorum and at least temporarily halted a vote on Senate Bill 1 and House Bill 3. The Democrats attempted to frame their sideshow as some sort of march on Selma. In reality, they’re opposing the notion that people need to prove who they are before they vote. “We are coming to [Washington] to put pressure on [Republicans] to act, because this isn’t just Texas,” Democratic state Rep. John Bucy III told CNN. “All over the South and in Republican states, we are seeing voter suppression bills.” “We need Congress to pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act,” he added. These people certainly do have high opinions of themselves, don’t they? CNN, of course, gave them and their opposition to the will of the people nothing but sympathy.

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