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On Monday, Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis’ campaign team rolled out a series of items they were merchandising, including a T-shirt that read, “Don’t Fauci My Florida.” That triggered wild-eyed ire from leftists eager to pillory DeSantis, who has been a staunch opponent of the harsh lockdowns that ravaged the financial coffers of other states and left them economically gasping for breath. As The Wall Street Journal reported in April, “With rare exceptions, the states that shut down the longest suffered the most economic harm. … Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis let nearly all businesses stay open after May. Florida’s private GDP had shrunk only 1.1% by year-end, dragged down by weak international and domestic tourism. New York’s food and accommodation industry shrank more than twice as much as Florida’s and the most in the U.S.” Some sample comments on social media targeting the T-shirt and merchandise included: “Ron literally trying to make money off people dying… stay classy florida.” “May the virus be with you!” “Monsters are running FL. It breaks my heart.” “Is this the scuzbucket store?”

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