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William M. McSwain graduated from Yale University before it rotted from the inside from political correctness, joined the Marines as an infantry officer, where he served for four years as a platoon commander, graduated from Harvard Law School (where he was a law review editor), and then joined the U.S. Attorney’s Office. He’s an intelligent, disciplined, serious law-and-order guy who is running for Governor of Pennsylvania. As part of his bid for that office, he sent a letter to President Trump with a startling allegation: Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr refused to take seriously credible allegations of election fraud! Although the letter is dated June 9, President Trump only made it public on Monday. Aside from McSwain’s credible accusation that Barr shut down investigations, we also know that, despite the cowardly refusal of myriad judges, right up to the Supreme Court, to address manifest election irregularities — everything from unconstitutional rule changes, to massive numbers of fraudulent ballots, to ballot dumps in the wee hours of the morning in swing states — by mid-June, Trump and the GOP had actually won 71% of their cases.

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