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The loss of Canada’s energy independence remains a court ruling away, with Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s ongoing threat to shut down Line 5. Yet a few weeks have passed and the Line 5 pipeline continues to carry oil to Central Canada. So, we’re good, right? Not so fast. Yes, Whitmer agreed to mediation and did not follow through with her attempt to shut down the Line 5 pipeline in May. Yes, this is great news for all Canadians. Yes, it keeps affordable energy flowing for all of us, prevents propane shortages, and, most importantly, protects tens of thousands of hard-working Canadians from losing their jobs. But was it just luck? The governor backed down for now at least — but her threat lays naked our careless handling of Canada’s energy independence. Something that we have avoided for too long, like an uncomfortable phone call. For at least as long as the mediation lasts we have been given an opportunity to rebuild our relationship with Canadian energy, rethink our energy supply, and protect Canadian jobs and our economy. A chance to ensure that our way of life does not collapse based on electoral politics from American politicians.

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